About Us

Who is CommQuest Inc?


Your single point of accountability for all your technology IT needs.

We provide support across the entire IT spectrum, from optimizing resources to maintaining infrastructure to migrating to the Cloud. CommQuest Inc. helps companies through a full range of IT services and technology support.

Top Benefits

Gain Time to Focus on Core Business Functions

People are generally happiest doing what they do best. And they get frustrated by distracting tasks that have nothing to do with their essential job functions. Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, Engineers, Marketers, Executives, Office Managers and most everyone else are at their best when they focus on their core competencies. The time and effort spent on figuring out Information Technology has a very real opportunity cost. Researching solutions, implementing new technology and fixing IT-related problems are extremely inefficient for non IT professionals. By using a professional technology services provider, internal staff are free to spend time focusing on revenue generating opportunities and the business of the business.

Tap Economies of Scale and Purchasing Power

Technology services providers achieve greater efficiencies and economies of scale because they have a single focus on IT. They consolidate purchasing power and have access to deep and broad knowledge bases. They can therefore deliver better, faster and cheaper technology solutions and services. Using developed best practices, these providers simply complete tasks far more efficiently, often to an order of magnitude greater,than small businesses can do on their own. All this translates into real cost savings in terms of both time and money.

The 3 Pillars


Reliable service you can count on

We work tirelessly to make sure our customers are up and running 24 hour a day, 365 days a year. We all know life is not perfect so when issues to come up, we handle them fast and efficiently minimizing downtime and while maximizing efficiency and productivity.


Passionate about what we do

Being passionate and having determination is essential to making a meaningful impact to our customers' businesses and society as a collective. Our team members enjoy what they do and are committed to our strategic company vision.


Customer focused

We constantly strive to exceed customers' expectations; always thinking on their behalf, taken on challenges together with them,  and working from the ground up to bring them success.

our team

  • Mark Sanchez

    I'm a technologist at heart and a trusted advisor to my clients. Technology is my passion,...

  • Jay Moore

    A senior leader that drives the revenue goals of an organization, using my proven experience in...

  • Giles Obias

    Technical Support Specialist or Software/Hardware engineer, doesn’t matter what I do, I like figuring out how...

  • Blake Stovall

    Family-oriented, high-energy, creative problem-solver with a passion for serving others. I have cultivated many talents over...

  • Jeremy Wall

    Results-driven and determined professional with proven experience in operations and logistics. Passionate about problem solving, planning,...

  • Heather Cody

    Heather provides smart business solutions relating to QuickBooks Products, add-ons, and third-party software programs. She specializes...

Company Profile

  • Our Mission
    CommQuest Inc. is present everywhere where technology and business impact everyday life. We believe that together with our customers we can improve the business outcomes of many companies. We use our competencies and experience to create hardware, software, services, and support which has a…
  • CQI Tech Company Overiew
    CommQuest Inc. with its clients becoming part of their support team.  We work beside you to ensure you have a strategy that allows you to transform your Information infrastructure to keep up with the needs of your organization and your users. We have…