Software Defined Storage

 Software Defined Storage

Imagine a data storage solution that adapts to your needs, allowing you to easily store and access files and objects regardless of their storage hardware, and automates storage management tasks, all for less cost. Software Defined Storage (SDS) creates a virtual data management layer that allows storage software to function independent of proprietary hardware, freeing you from the limitations of traditional storage infrastructures, and enabling greater agility when it comes to managing your data and network.

Businesses can streamline their data storage and management through task automation, and scale as needed, greatly improving productivity and reducing expenses.

SDS also integrates seamlessly with Software Defined Networks (SDN’s) which allow businesses to tailor their network to meet the demands of big data applications and easily deploy and manage applications and networks.

Give your business the competitive edge with greater agility and potential for revenue through SDS.



Cloudian specializes in enterprise level object storage systems compatible with Amazon S3 that is a scalable, dependable, and a cost effective solution for your organization’s data center.

Cloudian® HyperStore® provides clients with an on-premises smart storage solution developed to scale on demand for seamless performance coupled with high availability and durability of data to maintain operational efficiency.  HyperStore® uses replication and erasure coding to protect your data from security threats, and users can conveniently manage storage using the intuitive UI.



Datacore’s SANsymphony offers proven performance with high availability and a flexible storage infrastructure for the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Medical facilities, enterprise level businesses, and government offices benefit from Datacore’s storage solutions by optimizing their resources on a smaller budget to minimize downtime and run critical, high capacity applications more efficiently.



Nutanix is an industry leader in enterprise storage solutions, providing businesses with the agility to store and access actionable data for a proactive approach to managing changing market trends.

Accomplish tasks faster with state of the art performance acceleration features, such as intelligent distributed data tiering, data localization, and datapath optimization. Data is automatically stored using the optimal storage tier (flash or HDD) to enhance ease of access and overall performance.

Nutanix supports continuity of business through high resiliency, with no single point of failure or bottlenecks, ensuring you always have the resources you need to get the job done. The Nutanix storage platform utilizes availability domains, tunable redundancy, datapath redundancy, and data integrity checks to protect your data and overcome and correct failures.

Users also benefit from capacity optimization features, such as deduplication, compression and erasure coding with Nutanix EC-X to save on capacity for workloads.



Pivot3 offers innovative data center solutions with exceptional search and indexing performance while minimizing your infrastructure footprint. Revolutionize your business’ approach to data storage and management with Pivot3.

Clients use the Pivot3 Surveillance Series for demanding, high capacity video capture and storage, simplifying monitoring and protection of your people and assets. Organizations can cut costs by scaling to their needs, and ensure operations continuity with high availability, preventing downtime and data loss.

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