Hyper Converged Infastructure


A hyperconverged system improves upon the traditional hardware-based infrastructure consisting of an organization’s compute, storage, and network, by consolidating into a single, software-based package. Virtualization gives hyperconverged infrastructures several key advantages over traditional and converged systems that include, but aren’t limited to: Reduced Cost, Energy Efficiency, Smaller Footprint, Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility, Workload Consolidation, Data Protection and Failover, and Easier Manageability.

Hyperconverged systems offer greater efficiency and simplicity for your data center for less money and space. Businesses, schools, and local, state, and federal government get the most from their investment with hyperconverged infrastructure technology.



Nutanix engineers software-based solutions for hyperconverged infrastructure (HI) technology, providing customers with a complete stack consolidating compute, virtualization, storage, networking, and security to support critical applications.

Nutanix’s hyperconverged infrastructure offers businesses greater freedom, simplicity, and flexibility when it comes to building and managing your data center. Our architecture allows users to tailor data center resources to their needs through virtualization similar to how businesses scale with cloud services, and is an ideal solution for enterprise multi-cloud users.

Customers benefit from our vendor agnostic approach to virtualization and our turnkey solution comes ready to run our easy-to-use Nutanix AHV hypervisor, as well as VMware vSphere (ESXi), Microsoft HyperV, and Citrix XenServer, helping customers avoid costly hypervisor lock-in.

Nutanix supports users in these key areas critical to an effective solution:

  • Manageability - Nutanix AHV comes equipped with everything you need to have your system installed and ready to go within minutes of taking it out of the box, as well as streamlined management through our HTML 5 web UI, Prism Element.
  • Data Protection - Data security and recovery is a critical aspect of any business’ data center operations, and is especially true in a hyperconverged system. Whether due to user error or disaster, AHV protects data using instant recovery, backup and recovery, and archiving, to reduce disruptions to business continuity and ensure you have the tools you need to be successful.
  • High Availability and Fault Tolerance - With an increase in business critical applications operating in virtualized environments with less physical servers, it is essential that virtual resources have high availability. AHV was developed with availability in mind, with full redundancy built in at the hypervisor level.
  • Operational Insight - Quickly evaluate the health of your infrastructure with a customizable dashboard provided through the Prism UI for administrators to effectively monitor, manage, and troubleshoot your system. Nutanix UI delivers actionable information for improving system efficiency and resolving problems, reducing downtime.
  • Performance - Like servers in a traditional data center, virtualized environments also have a limit when it comes to physical resources like memory and CPU, or software resources like threads and queues. Nutanix allocates resources for balanced workloads using dynamic scheduling, VM placement, and Affinity rules, ensuring your infrastructures performance is never less than optimal.

Contact CommQuest to learn more about how Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure can revolutionize your enterprise data center for greater productivity at less cost.



A pioneer and leader in software-defined storage, DataCore developed its patented technology to enhance performance, alleviate I/O bottlenecks, and provide greater availability with less cost and complexity. Users can achieve higher availability and powerful performance with tools provided by DataCore’s Hyperconverged Virtual SAN software.

Simplify your data center by unifying all of your storage hardware under one service, regardless of manufacturer, model, or age with DataCore SANsymphony. Organize and manage all of your devices enterprise wide through a single platform, offering rich benefits that include:

  • Highest Data Performance - Datacore offers some of the quickest data response times in the industry with exceptional price performance, ensuring users receive much more in storage performance than what they pay for.
  • Highest availability with multi-layered protection - DataCore SANsymphony uses Zero, Touch, Zero Downtime, asynchronous replication, and Continuous Data Protection (CDP) to safeguard your data, application performance, and business operations from failures, disasters, and malicious agents.
  • Lowest TCO - Users spend less time managing storage thanks to a single UI, and different devices can be added for better performance, regardless of make and model.
  • Risk Mitigation - Data can be migrated to different storage devices without disrupting data access, and new devices can be added without downtime, making system upgrades quick and painless.

Talk to a CommQuest representative today to learn more about how DataCore SANsymphony can streamline your storage infrastructure.



Applogic offers a simple, intuitive interface for virtualized applications and their infrastructure, eliminating the need to pull wires and login to servers and routers to configure an application. Instead of viewing applications and supporting components as separate pieces typical of traditional data centers, the CA 3Tera Applogic packages virtualized applications and their supporting infrastructure (servers, switches, firewalls, etc.) as a single product, or virtualized business service that can be duplicated or shared enterprise wide.

CA 3Tera Applogic enables users to draw networks by simply drag and dropping key components from the catalog, such as switches, software, firewalls, and load balancers without fear of missing crucial steps.

Virtualization allows for easy scalability, providing users with the option to allocate resources to components, such as CPU, with upper and lower limits for auto scaling to accommodate different apps.

CA 3Tera Applogic provides companies with a highly available information infrastructure and supports redundant servers, storage, controllers, and networking.

If a highly portable, virtualized data center that can be configured with only a few mouse clicks sounds like the solution for your business’s data storage, contact CommQuest to discuss CA 3Tera Applogic can help your business.



Docker container technology offers an alternative to virtual machines (VMs) for enhanced mobility and efficiency. Unlike Vms which virtualize hardware, containers virtualize operating systems, collecting codes and dependencies together, allowing you to do more with less.

Docker container technology liberates enterprises from the restrictions of architecture lock-in, promoting pursuit of digital and multi-cloud opportunities and innovations. Companies can take older, business critical applications, migrate them as individual units complete with all dependencies (code, runtime, system tools, and libraries) in a container to the cloud, and run and manage the applications without disruption. Similar to how a wide range of goods can be shipped worldwide in shipping containers, container technology allows you to move your applications and everything needed for them to run properly, as an isolated unit with ease.

Docker container technology can be applied to any application, any operating system, any infrastructure, and any orchestrator, as well as integrate legacy applications with the latest innovations.

Find out more about how Docker container technology can breathe new life into your application portfolio by contacting CommQuest and speaking with a representative.

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