Lenovo Products

 Lenovo Products

CommQuest is proud to be partnered with industry leader and innovator, Lenovo to provide our customers in business, education, and government agencies with cutting-edge client solutions designed to empower users. Lenovo’s desktops, laptops, and accessories, together with their world class technical support and affordability make them the preferred solution for small and enterprise level businesses. Lenovo excels in developing intuitive, quick-to-market technology that enhances the user experience and promotes creativity, ingenuity, and success.



The ThinkPad series of laptops have long been synonymous with enterprise level computing on the go. ThinkPad laptops and 2-in-1s offer exceptional durability and dependability so that you can work as efficiently on the train or in the airport as in your office. Users can take advantage of high-end processing and graphics, as well as the latest touchscreen innovations, pen support, and an extensive battery life for more time creating and less time charging. Carry the power of Lenovo wherever opportunity takes you with ThinkPad.



Lenovo desktops are known for their power, security, and reliability - all qualities that are essential to the integrity of your business operations and continuity. The ThinkCentre M-Series, Lenovo's robust family of desktops built for demanding business environments, offers clients a choice between full-size tower, small form-factor (SFF), and all-in-one configurations. Customers can customize their desktops with CPU options up to 7th gen Intel Core i7, and both discrete and integrated graphics options.




Lenovo’s P Series workstations offer professionals across industries precision engineering and exceptional performance to handle the most challenging workloads, optimizing your operations and increasing your bottom line.  Complex tasks such as computational and graphical workflows are performed efficiently, empowering users to make their data-intensive ISV applications work for them.  The P Series’ powerful processing accommodates complex graphics, computer aided design, and artificial intelligence applications.  P Series workstations offer unmatched reliability, and are tested and certified by independent software vendors (ISVs) to ensure the highest standards for customers.



Whether you are a small to midsize business or a major corporation with offices located throughout the U.S., Lenovo offers a reliable server solution to accommodate your organization’s diverse and growing needs.

Customers can choose from server products ranging from basic tower servers that offer scalability, easy cooling, and cost efficiency, to rack servers for failure containment and improved cable management, or state of the art blade servers that prioritize greater density, load balancing and failover, and centralized management.

Server products include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Racks
  • Towers
  • Flex System Blades
  • Mission-Critical Servers
  • High-Density Servers.

Lenovo server solutions are first class in reliability, efficiency, and security.  Reduce expenses and simplify your server infrastructure with Lenovo.



Lenovo offers a wide range of PC accessories to accommodate the diverse needs of users, allowing you to personalize your desktop and laptop for greater convenience and productivity.

Users can customize their PC for their unique preferences with Lenovo accessories that include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Monitors and Displays
  • Mice
  • Keyboards
  • External Storage
  • Docking Stations
  • Computer Travel Accessories.

Make the best business PC your best PC with accessories from Lenovo.

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