Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

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What is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid cloud offers customers the best of both worlds when it comes to taking full advantage of the freedom afforded by the cloud while maintaining privacy for confidential information. Businesses use hybrid cloud to scale beyond their private, onsite cloud infrastructure when needed for low security information and applications, while securing critical private data onsite. The public and private clouds are independent of each other, but can interact via an encrypted connection.

Users benefit from increased flexibility and scalability by accessing the public cloud on an as needed basis to accommodate greater workloads and provide failover support, as well as reduced costs by avoiding large capital expenditures for short term spikes in storage. Users can take advantage of faster processing when using private networks onsite, reducing latency and saving you time. Organizations pay only for what they use, instead of paying for additional unnecessary storage.

Hybrid cloud provides an excellent compromise for clients that want an added layer of privacy and security for sensitive data, while still making the most of public cloud solutions for ease of access, data storage, and flexible compute time.

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